Friday, May 31, 2013

Moments Social Networking Missed: NBA Playoff Posters Edition

In the NBA, legacies, reputations, and plays are put into lore during the Playoffs. Many of the plays you see on commercials promoting the League happened during the playoffs. During Game 2 of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals, Paul George did this to Chris Andersen(no nicknames used when that happened to you), and earned his spot on commercials for years to come. That poster-worthy dunk, took social media by storm the moment it happened, as plays like that do in the present day. It led me to think back to some of my other favorite Playoff Posters, and led to my latest installment of  "Moments Social Networking Missed". 

"Reigned" on his head-  Prior to having his career ended because he ballooned to offensive lineman size, Shawn Kemp was the most electrifying athlete in the NBA. He had many legendary dunks, but this one in the 1992 Playoffs over Alton Lister stands as his signature. The "Reignman" destroyed Lister here, then pointed at him in a way that would have surely drawn a tech nowadays. It was a thing of beauty. 

"Stark" Contrast- Anyone watching the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals has been introduced to the "trick or treat"(as Reggie Miller puts it) nature of Lance Stephenson's game. John Starks was that guy for the New York Knicks in the 90's. You did not know from one trip up the floor to the next what Starks would do, but  when he was playing well it was fun to watch. This dunk on Horace Grant(with Michael Jordan flying in late) with the game on the line the 1993 Playoffs was definitely a treat. 

"Oh What A Move By Jordan"- Some plays do not need much description. This dunk from the 1991 Playoffs is one of those. If this was the "My Player" mode on 2K13, MJ would have gotten extra points for scoring on a double move, a highlight play, and getting the and-one. Classic, epic dunk. 

"A Bad Dream"- Hakeem Olajuwon was not only one of the best offensive centers ever, he was also a dominant defender. He was a guy that you could not come to the rim with a weak effort, and expect it to be fruitful. Kevin Johnson took that to heart on this trip to the rim in the 1994 Western Conference Finals. This is a dunk that is still shocking to this day. 

"Pip's up, Ewing's Down"- The Bulls and Knicks had a very heated rivalry in the early 90's. This violent dunk, followed by true disrespect, then a verbal assault directed at Spike Lee was epitome of that. Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing met at the rim, and the rest is history. One of my favorite dunks of all time. 

"Bang Like T-Mac"- The line used to start this portion of the blog was spit by Jay-Z two years prior to this dunk. Consider it foreshadowing. This play was all Dirk's fault for giving up the baseline, knowing that habitual poster magnet Shawn Bradley was back there. This was a nasty dunk by Tracy McGrady. 

Well, there you have a few playoff dunks that would have shut down Twitter, and Facebook. #RIP would have been a trending topic. Memes would have been made in the days to follow, and eventually there would have been a Jim Ross remix video made. It would have been fun to see how these plays would have been responded to in this era. 

Thank you for checking out the latest edition of "Moments Social Networking Missed". Feel free to leave any dunks you can think of in the comment box, or hit me with them on Twitter

I'm Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr., and I approve this message

Friday, April 5, 2013

Final Four Thoughts

The Monday morning after the first weekend of the NCAA Tourney, I woke up with a major hoop hangover. The second weekend left me feeling like a little dejected. Most of the games were blowouts, and to cap it off, we witnessed one of the most gruesome injuries in basketball history. It was a definite downer, coming off of an exciting first weekend.

Now, we look towards the Final Four in Atlanta. An event featuring three teams that coming into the season most people would not have been surprised to see here, as well as one team that surprised even die-hard fans, and alums with their Final Four berth. Here are my thoughts on the teams that are left. 

"Shocking" The World(Had to get the cheesy pun out of the way early. Sorry.)- Coming into the tourney, I felt like a team from the Missouri Valley Conference could cause some havoc. In my mind, that team figured to be Creighton. Much to my surprise, the Wichita State Shockers, made their way through what many deemed to be the softest region, to the Final Four. They dominated LaSalle in the Sweet Sixteen and then knocked out an Ohio State team that many picked to win the region.

Under normal circumstances, you would label a #9 seed in the Final Four a "Cinderella" story. However, if you have watched this team, you know they are far from it. They play a grinding, grimy style of basketball, and are not intimidated regardless of the opponent. They're mantra is "Play Angry" and they have done just that in making it to the Final Four. While I do not believe they will beat Louisville, they have a chance based upon their style of  play to make it a much more interesting game than people may expect.

"Win For Kevin"- Louisville was in the middle of a tight first half battle with Duke when Kevin Ware jumped to block a shot. The injury that ensued has been well documented, and if you saw it, is an image you will not be able to shake for a while. It is something that I still cannot get out of my head. However, after crying, and going to the locker room to get their mind right at halftime, the Cardinals came out, and did what they have done all tournament. They ran, pressed, and trapped the Blue Devils into the ground on the way to another blowout.

Louisville has played every game precisely the way the #1 overall seed in the tournament should. Their closest win was in the Sweet Sixteen against the Oregon Ducks. Even though they only won beight, there was never a sense of them being in trouble. Behind the dynamic backcourt of Peyton Siva, and Russ Smith, the Cardinals came into the tourney as the odds-on favorite to win it all. Nothing they have done has changed that in my mind. You add the incentive of winning the whole Tourney for Kevin Ware, and I believe the Cardinals will be tough to handle this weekend.

In Their Zone- Depending on who you talk to, the 2-3 Zone is either: A)A gimmick defense to used to hide weak defenders or B) a defense that can confuse offenses, and slow teams down. Regardless of how you feel about it, you have to be impressed with how Syracuse is playing it in the tourney. Jim Boeheim has said that this team is playing zone better than any of his teams have ever played it in the past. I am pretty sure Tom Crean and Indiana will agree with that assessment. You probably won't get much argument from Buzz Williams and Marquette either.

The Orange is taking advantage of a starting five who's shortest player is 6'4. The combination of length, and active hands in the 2-3 zone has made it difficult for teams to score. The zone is difficult for teams who rarely see it to prepare for. The question is, will they be able to put up good enough numbers on offense to win? They had a sixteen point lead with 15:50 left in the game against Louisville in the Big East Final, but fell apart offensively and ended up losing by seventeen points. An offensive drought like that this weekend, will make it a short trip to Atlanta for the Orange.

More Than Trey-  Coming into the tourney, it was my belief that any sub-par performance from Trey Burke would be Michigan's demise. That was before John Belien made the very wise move to start Mitch McGary. He has been a revelation in the tourney. Without him, the Wolverines would have been blown out of Jerry's World by halftime of the Kansas game. His hustle, rebounding, and putbacks kept them in striking distance. It set Trey Burke up for Burke's heroic second half and overtime that got the Wolverines out of the Sweet Sixteen.

Against Florida the Wolverines rode the hot shooting of Nik Stauskas to a huge early lead, and never let the Gators off of the mat. The Wolverines will need more of that good shooting against Syracuse to beat the zone. They need to get out and run, and try not to let Syracuse get settled in defensively. When the zone is set, the Wolverines will need smart play from everyone to get good shots. Tim Hardaway, Jr, and Glenn Robinson III will have to be ready to step up and knock down shots. It will be interesting to see how this team handles the stage.

As a fan that has been slightly disappointed in the Tourney, I am hoping for a great Final Four. Saturday, Louisville should handle Wichita St. in a game that may be slightly tougher than most expect. All week, I have wrestled with the Michigan-Syracuse game. It should be a tightly contested game, but I believe that in the end, Michigan will make just enough shots to knock off the Orange. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the matchup between Trey Burke and Michael Carter-Williams. These are two NBA ready guards, and it should be fun to watch.

Feel free to leave any feedback, thoughts, and comments. They are greatly appreciated. Check back on Monday for my Championship game thoughts.

I'm Jimmy Wilson, Jr. and I approve this message. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Madness Hangover: First Weekend Edition

If you are like me, you woke up on Monday morning with a serious March Madness hangover. From Thursday at noon, until Sunday at around midnight, you were consumed with college hoop. There were the buzzer beaters, controversial missed calls, upsets, and an urge to set fire to your bracket. Definitely enough to make you feel basketball drunk. Here are a few thoughts from what was a wild, first weekend.

Representing B1G Time: Coming into the NCAA Tournament people from Charles Barkley, to fans of teams in the ACC and Big East were praying for the B1G's downfall harder than Biggie felt his enemies were on Life After Death. They were hoping the conference would prove that it was overrated, and have a lot of teams get sent home before we even got to the Sweet Sixteen. That definitely was not the case.

Outside of Wisconsin, the B1G acquitted themselves well during the first weekend. There were dominant performances by Michigan State and Michigan in what were expected to be tough tests. The conference also had controversial(Ohio State) and gutty(Indiana) wins in games on Sunday. Minnesota got a solid win in their first game. They ended up losing to Florida, in a game that was the nail in the coffin to Tubby Smith's tenure there. Then, Illinois fell victim to a questionable call, that cost them a chance to win the game against Miami.

All in all, it was a very good showing for the B1G in the first weekend of the tournament. There is still much work to be done, but to completely silence the naysayers, I think they need to place a team, maybe two in the Final Four. Nothing that I saw from them this past weekend makes me think that is impossible.

"Gone-Zaga"- The groundswell against Gonzaga coming into the tournament was very strong. They were perceived as the weakest #1 seed, and picked by many to be the first #1 seed to be dismissed from the tournament. Their "Second Round"(still can't get used to calling it that...) game against Southern did nothing to change that. On Saturday night, Wichita St hit the Zags with one of the more special three point shooting performances and sent them back to Spokane. This was all that people needed to confirm in their minds that Gonzaga did not belong mentioned with the "elites". There loss will forever tarnish what was a great season for this group, and give pause to people from here on out about giving a team outside of the "Power Six" conferences a number one seed. The Zags had a great chance to change perception, and blew it.

Gulf Coastin- Filling out my bracket, I placed Georgetown in the Final Four. Needless to say, I expected their game against Florida Gulf Coast to be a relatively easy win. Clearly, the Hoyas came in thinking the same thing, and in the end we both were wrong. The crazy thing is, as I watched the game, I found myself saying forget the bracket, this team is fun to watch.

As a favorite, you can not allow the underdog get confidence. You need to exert your will on the team, and make them feel they do not have a chance. Watching the game Friday, FGCU turned the tables on Georgetown, and made it seem like they were the favorites coming in. It was impressive to watch the confidence, attitude, and borderline disrespect they came at Georgetown with. It reminded me of the year that Golden State was the eight seed in the NBA playoffs, and beat Dallas in the first round. They punched them in the mouth, got them down, and kept beating on them with flair. That confidence helped them to a win against San Diego State Sunday night as well, and set them up for a game with Florida in the Sweet Sixteen. Not sure if they can get a win in that one, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they compete.

Well there are my thoughts as I work my way through this March Madness Hangover. The good thing about this hangover is, you don't have to lie in a prayer, and say "If You make me feel better, I'll never do it again". You simply woke up Monday morning, and thought, "I can't wait to start it all over again on Thursday night". At least that is what I was thinking. Is it Thursday night yet???

I'm Jimmy L. Wilson Jr. and I approve this message

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mr. Wilson's B1G All Conference Team

 We are coming off of one of the most interesting, intense, and fun B1G regular seasons in recent memory. There were many great individual performers throughout the conference. As we turn our attention to the B1G Conference Tourney in Chicago, and with March Madness fast approaching, here are my picks for the All-B1G Conference 1st team.

Victor Oladipo- Oladipo has been the best player on the regular season champion Indiana Hoosiers. He also is my pick for the B1G Player of the Year. During conference games he averaged 13.9 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 2.0 steals. On top of that, playing as a guard he led the conference in field goal percentage at 57 percent. He came up huge in all of Indiana's biggest games. Including this road win against Michigan State.. The Hoosiers have a great chance to win the National Championship, and if they do, expect Oladipo to lead them to it. 

Trey Burke- The Michigan Wolverines were a minute away from clinching a share of the B1G title. A lot of people will remember the final free throw that Burke missed, but that does not discount the work that he did all season. Without him, the Wolverines would not have been in that position. He led the conference in scoring and assists with averages of 20.2, and 6.4 respectively. He showed a great command of trying to make others around him better, but being able to take over a game when need be. This was on display at Purdue. Some Wolverine fans do not like to hear this, but the Wolverines will go as far as Burke takes them during the month of March. 

DeShaun Thomas- DeShaun Thomas is the forgotten man on Ohio State. The media loves Aaron Craft, and let them tell it, he's the only player on the court for the Buckeyes. Even searching Youtube for a video with Thomas, all I got was Aaron Craft videos. Despite that fact, Thomas was second in the conference in scoring at 19.7. He also got 5.6 rebounds per game. The Buckeyes are a balanced team, that could cause trouble for teams come tournament time. Even though the name you will hear the most is Craft, beware of Thomas, who is a scorer who can put in buckets from all over the floor. 

Cody Zeller- Coming into the season, Zeller was the odds on favorite to win the B1G Player Of The Year. He played to those expectations, it just happened to be a year where his Hoosier teammate Oladipo, and Burke became the conference poster boys. Zeller was third in the conference in scoring, and second in rebounding with averages of 17.1 and 8.2. He showed up with a monster game in the biggest one of the season at Michigan to win the outright B1G regular season championship. Zeller is another key cog in what could be a special season for the Hoosiers. 

Adreian Payne- This last spot was one that could have went to many players. Trevor Mbawke of Minnesota, the aforementioned Aaron Craft, and Jared Berggren of Wisconsin were all worthy candidates. However, I am giving my last spot to the most consistent Michigan State Spartan, Adreian Payne. Payne finally showed Spartan fans the talent that he has teased them with for two years. With averages of 11.1 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 1 block, he was a big part in the Spartans having a shot at the conference title. They will need him to stay aggressive, and active as they head into the tournament. 

Well, there you have my All-Conference picks for the B1G. I would also like to salute my pick for Coach of the Year Bo Ryan of Wisconsin. Gary Harris of Michigan State who is my pick for Freshman of the Year, and Victor Oladipo who edged out Aaron Craft as my pick for Defensive Player of the Year. 

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think of my picks. You can also follow me on twitter at @JimmyLWilsonJr and let me know there. 

I'm Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr., and I approve this message.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pre-Game Key Components for Sparty

We are hours away from one of the biggest match-ups in the history of the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry in any sport. Both teams are coming in ranked in the Top 10 for the first time that I can remember(or find through research) ever. The closest was the 1999 football game where UofM came in ranked #3 and the Spartans were ranked #11. This game has huge implications in the tight B1G as we head towards the end of the regular season. It is a game chocked full of interesting match-ups on the floor, and should come down to a tight finish. Here are the key components that I feel MSU needs to pull off a win.

1. Keep Appling On The Floor- In some of the Spartans' recent games Appling has spent good amount of time on the bench in foul trouble. The Spartans will have a tough time winning this game with Appling spending more time on the bench, than on the floor. They were able to stay in the game at Indiana with a great effort from Travis Trice. However, there is a possibility that he will still be out with concussion symptoms. Denzel Valentine has done an admirable job when he's filled in, but the offense still tends to bog down with Appling not on the floor. So, Appling has to do a great job of trying to contain Trey Burke without getting into foul trouble. That will be a tall task, but as a junior, and co-captain, he has to figure out how to accomplish that.

2. From the Inside Out- This is a very simple concept that has been around since Dr. James Naismith put that peach basket up for the first time in Kansas. The game of basketball functions a lot easier in the half-court when you can work from the inside out. For MSU, that means early, and heavy doses of Adreian Payne, and Derrick Nix.

Payne is starting to show the game of a guy that could be an NBA player for a long time. He is posting strong, and making aggressive moves around the basket. The Spartans need to look to him early, and try to exploit the Wolverines down low. Nix has been a frustrating player to watch during his time at MSU. However, these last few games, he has been getting buckets at a decent clip. He has an array of post moves that are tough to guard one on one. Looking to him and Payne early will open up things on the perimeter for Appling, and Gary Harris. This will be very key for the Spartans in this game.

3. Defending the Three- The Spartans have been pretty inconsistent defensively against the three-pointer. Teams have been getting a lot of good looks from behind the arc. That can not happen against the Wolverines. They are a team that whether they want to acknowledge or not, live and die by the three. Tim Hardaway is shooting 10-17 in his last three games from there. Nik Stauskas is a shooter that you do not want to leave open, and Trey Burke can bury them as well. The Spartans have to close-out strong on the shooters early, and not let them set. Allowing any of these guys to get going could be a recipe for disaster.

4. Keep The Crowd In It- As stated earlier, this is the biggest game between these two that I can remember. The crowd at the Breslin will be ready to go at around 9 A.M. The Spartans have to capitalize and feed off that energy. A good, aggressive start will do just that. As talented as the Wolverines are, they are still a young team, and have shown that they have difficulty on the road. Quality play by the Spartans should keep the crowd involved, and have the Wolverines on their heels.

So, there you have my key components for a Spartan victory. This game has all the ingredients to be a close affair from start to finish. It is my belief that the home court advantage, and edge in experience will lead the Spartans to victory. For fun, I'll throw out a score of 77-73. Feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree. Feedback is always welcomed.

I'm Jimmy L. Wilson Jr., and I approve this message. 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

The One Hitter Quitter Blog

Almost 48 hours ago, Manny Pacquiao got put to sleep by Juan Manuel Marquez in the fourth installment of their epic rivalry. It was the most devastating punch we have seen since the Cleveland Bus Driver went Mortal Kombat on that young lady. People were lauding it one of the nastiest one punch knockouts ever. For the casual  boxing fan who was certainly tuned in to the fight, I am sure that was the case. As a die hard fan, I agree, but off the top of the head can think of quite a few more. I will share a few of my favorites with you in this blog. Starting with...

Ladies First- This is the nastiest knockout that I have watched live. Why I was watching this live, I have no clue, but it was on a Saturday afternoon, and when it happened I immediately jumped on the phone and called everyone I knew would appreciate it. The chick was laid on the mat for 10 minutes, and they took her out on a stretcher with her neck stabilized. I really could stop here, but the next one is...

"There's Only One"- Punch needed to make you go night night. Following his custom of fighting a guy that Floyd Mayweather was panned, and didn't get much credit for beating up, Manny Pacquiao took on Ricky Hatton. This was a very devastating knockout, and the end of what was a decent career up until this point.

"It's A Lot of Holding Going on...Yeah, a whole lot of holding"- Those were the last words that Paul Williams heard before Sergio Martinez dropped the boom on him. This one hurt me because Paul Williams was my guy. I did however love how Martinez walked away with his fist in the air as Williams was falling. That was live.

I'm Roy. He hit me so hard I forgot- This is another one of those sports moments that I'll never forget where I was when it happened. This was Roy Jones' first loss, and no one saw it coming or expected it. The room went silent like we witnessed a family member pass. Roy Jones was NEVER the same after this.

I Harlem Shake, and Scold The Ref At the Same D Time- This one is straight comedy. No description necessary. Just watch.

(High-Pitched Girly Voice) "He hit me in my leeever"- This is not the most devastating knockout, but any opportunity to see Oscar De La Hoya roll around, squirming and crying is good with me. I wish I could find the interview where he said quote in the caption.

He Knocked Down Your Girl, THEN Knocked You Out- This is not boxing, but it is from an episode of "Cheaters". This guy caught his woman cheating with the help of the show. He went to confront them, and ended up on his back with a concussion. When it comes to one hitter quitters, this is one of the best ever. The part that made it bad(and is not shown on the video) was his woman saying "Babe, why did you let him knock you out"? I hope they broke up soon as his concussion symptoms were gone, because he would never live this down.

Well, there you have a few of my favorite one hit knockouts. I am sure there are quite a few more that have happened in the boxing world. These are just the ones that came to me off the top of my head. Please add anymore boxing ones you can think of in the comment box. The last one was added because I thought it was hilarious. Please do not add any youtube or worldstar fights. I am not trying to give an outlet for ignorant ratchet behavior.

Thanks for watching, and shout out to Juan Manuel Marquez for knocking all of Pac-Man's power pellets loose the other night.

I'm Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr. and I approve this message.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Guide To Delusional UofM Fans

For years, I have been battling, debating, and disrespecting Michigan fans. A lot of my friends and family from around the country ask me, "what's wrong with the Michigan fans on your Facebook page?" Usually, I just say, they are passionate about their team, and it makes them delusional. However, there are different types of delusional Michigan fans. According to studies by the JLW Institute of Sports Fans, 99.6 percent of them are delusional. With the Michigan State-Michigan game being played tomorrow, and Michigan fans continually asking me for attention, I'll gladly shed some light on them. Enjoy this glimpse into the different types of delusional Michigan Wolverine fans.

1. The Historian- This one is pretty much universal when it comes to this group of people. Ask a Michigan fan about what is happening present day, and you will get a ton of remarks about the past. During the last few Michigan State-Michigan games, we will be having conversations in person and on social networking. As soon as mention is made to Michigan State winning the game we are watching, they will quote the overall record in the rivalry. This is part of their delusion. They want you to think that anything that is happening in the present does not matter. This is the reason that coming into the State game they have been saying "State will not win again because they can't beat us this year. History proves that." They have been wrong the last three years saying that, and the thought here is that they will be again. Do not let this delusional Michigan fan get in your head and make you believe history is all that matters. He definitely will try to do so. 

2. The Quote Machine- This guy right here is absolutely hilarious. He wakes up every morning, and right after reading the book of whatever religion he is a part of, he reads from the Book of Bo Schembechler. Then, he gets on Facebook or Twitter, and puts the quote of the day from that book. Should the quote of the day from there not be profound enough, he will get on the "Support Brady Hoke As Coach" page on Facebook, and take a quote or picture from there. Again, absolutely funny stuff to me. How about you come up with an original idea, and stop spewing quotes from other people. That junk is corny, and makes it look like you can not think on your own. Do not let this delusional Michigan fan get in your head, and make you think the quotes are all that matter. He will definitely try to do so. 

3. Social Network Stalker- This dude is not now, nor has he ever, been a Michigan student. Yet, he is Facebook friends with current players from all sports. Now, I can understand loyalty to a school that you did not go to. Can not knock you for that, because I have not gone to Michigan State(yet). However, to be almost thirty years old, and friends on Facebook with guys who play for your favorite college is slightly creepy. Not only are you their friends, but you like the pictures and statuses they post? That makes you almost certifiable. There will not be a caution to other people to not let this Michigan fan get into your head. Most people reading this are not crazy enough to send out these types of friend requests. However, if you are a Michigan fan, and find yourself in this predicament, please either unfriend the players, or seek professional help. 

4. MSU Is Irrelevant Guy- This guy is well represented in the 99.6 percent. He will spend all football off-season talking about how irrelevant Michigan State is. He will tell you that MSU is their third rival behind Ohio State and Notre Dame. Yet, as soon as the season starts, he is watching MSU games like a hawk and commenting on how they are looking. All the games that MSU plays against common opponents will be seen as a barometer for how UofM will play against that team. This guy will actually cheer openly for whatever team MSU is playing against. This happens before the MSU-UofM game, and after. Yet, scroll down their timeline, and you do not see any references to OSU or ND. That makes it hard for me to believe that MSU is as irrelevant as you claim. They may be seen in the eyes of some, as your third rival, but constantly mentioning them and they are irrelevant to you is delusional. Do not let this guy get into your head. He will definitely try to do so. 

5. Blame It ALL on Rich Rod Guy- This guy is my absolute favorite. Not only does he blame every loss, or bad play made during a game on Rich Rodriguez, he blames all his personal issues on him. Wife or girlfriend leaves him, it is Rich Rod's fault. Late for work, it is Rich Rod's fault. Kids get a bad grade, it is Rich Rod's fault. This dude really needs to get a grip honestly. The same players that they blame Rich Rod for getting when they lose, are the same players that win games for them. So, are the wins Rich Rod's fault too? Now, I will acknowledge, his coming there was a hit to the program. However, he has been gone two years. Time to stop blaming every loss, Denard Robinson interception, and your breakfast being nasty on him. It is corny, and shows your delusion. Do not let this guy get into your head. He will definitely do so. 

Well, there are about five more different delusional guys in relation to Michigan fans, but I believe, I have highlighted the most prevalent. By the time the Michigan State-Michigan game is over, you will see how delusional they are. They are high on the hog right now, and expecting a Wolverine blowout. That is absolutely absurd, and personally I can not wait to tell them about themselves after the game. Until then, I hope this has shed some light on the different types of delusion that I deal with in regards to UofM fans. Next time you see a conversation between myself, and one of them it should make a little more sense. 

Hope this was enough attention for you guys. Have a great day, and Go Green. 

I'm Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr. and I approve this message.

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